Static sites generated with Clojure


Shipped as a template on Leiningen, a Clojure build tool. No need to configure databases - it just works out of the box.


Clear separation between your content and layouts makes for fuss free customization. CSS and JavaScript can be easily added.


Don't worry about linking up your posts or managing your sitemap and RSS feeds, Cryogen does it all.

Get Started in Seconds

  1. Install Leiningen or Clojure CLI with clj-new
  2. Create a new cryogen project
  3. Start the server and visit localhost:3000 in your browser

Quick Start Guide

~ $ lein new cryogen my-blog # or: ~ $ clojure -X:new :template cryogen :name ~ $ cd *my-blog ~/my-blog $ lein serve Started server on port 3000